ArGoSoft Mail Server is fully functional SMTP/POP3/IMAP/Finger server for Windows, that allows you to turn your PC into an email system.

It's very compact, takes about 1-5 Mb of disk space (depending on the version), does not have any specific memory requirements, and what is the most important - it's very easy to use.


пї­ Is completely transparent. Runs as a small icon on your system tray;

пї­ Can be loaded with Windows startup;

пї­ Supports unlimited number of accounts;

пї­ Supports SMTP authentication. Useful to protect your server from unauthorized use;

пї­ As we mentioned above, it is fully functional server: it relays the messages directly to Mail exchangers, bypassing your ISP.

пї­ Has built-in web interface, which allows users to check mail using any popular web browser from anywhere in the World

пї­ Has password protected Administration mode;

пї­ Supports distribution lists;

пї­ Supports auto responders;

пї­ Supports basic filters;

пї­ Unlimited message size (there is a limit of 5 Megs for freeware version);

пї­ Can listen on single IP address, rather than all addresses available on your computer;

пї­ Has built-in web server. It means, the server can be accessed from anywhere in the World, using any popular Web browser: Administrator can control the server, and do the maintenance of users; Users can access their accounts: read and send email, change their own settings;

пї­ Web output, generated by server, can be customized;

пї­ Finger server can be disabled

пї­ Supports IMAP (version with IMAP module);

пї­ Has true support of multiple domains - you can create accounts with the same name, which belong to different domains;

пї­ Supports multiple IP homes (virtual domains);

пї­ Has built in mailing list server;

пї­ Has WAP interface;

пї­ Allows setup of domain administrators - users who can change domain related information via the Web interface;

пї­ Filtering of mail according to IP addresses of server which attempts to relay mail to local users;

пї­ ORDB and MAPS support;

пї­ Easier specification of IP addresses, which do not require SMTP authentication. Instead of listing addresses, you can specify ranges and masks;

пї­ Supports Server Extensions - special external dlls, which can be plugged into the server, and process mail the way the creator of dlls prefers

пї­ Ability to verify addresses of senders of arrived messages

пї­ Has built in utilities for diagnosing local or remote domains, allows browsing of user mailboxes;

пї­ Allows to temporarily disable or enable users, and domain administrators