If you know an efficient way of managing your startup programs, the chances are your computer is responsive, and you never get to experience a slow boot process.

If, however, you are not one of the lucky ones and have realized that a regular PC optimizer or a registry cleaner did not manage to make any difference, a software utility such as Argus Boot Accelerator might be a noteworthy find.

But let’s take one thing at a time. Users should know that installing Argus Boot Accelerator is nothing to worry about, and aside from that, a very low amount of resources are required by the program to function.

Once you the app is up and running, you are prompted with a straightforward user interface that lists all currently running processes. As for precisely what the application can do for you, it need be pointed out that it can control the behavior of all startup programs so that they no longer slow down the boot process.

You simply need to create your list of startup entries you want to manage, with the possibility of resorting to drag&drop in order to indicate the correct order.

A series of aspects can be customized for each startup item, with the delay being the first of the list. What it refers to is the time needed by the application to load.

Aside from that, you may select the window state, with normal, minimized, and maximized being your options. As for the priority said startup program should enjoy, there are multiple levels, namely idle, below normal, normal, above normal, high, and real time.

What’s more, the CPU load plays a role in the configuration. Other than that, Argus Boot Accelerator allows you to stop entries from being started in case another instance is already running.

All in all, Argus Boot Accelerator is an approachable program designed to improve your PC’s performance by keeping an eye on all the startup apps impacting your boot time. The program is easy to configure and characterized by transparency, for each reason anyone could take it for a spin.