Writing a formula in Excel requires a lot of attention, because the value of a cell can change if it is linked to others that have volatile content. Arixcel Explorer is a handy software solution to data processing in Excel.

The program can help you track and change the values of certain cell fields in Excel, so that your spreadsheet displays correct information. In order to properly work, the plugin requires Microsoft Office Excel, .Net Framework and Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime installed on your computer.

The application provides you with a convenient way of exploring and viewing the contents of your Excel spreadsheets, by analyzing their content and functions. This way, you can easily navigate through your content and check for data consistency.

Furthermore, you can navigate between cells with ease, as any formula remains displayed in your screen and any function related to the cell you are currently exploring is highlighted, helping you better understand the logic

Arixcel Explorer allows you to view the full structure of all the nested functions inside a formula and the values that result after calculation. By doing so, you can easily understand certain logical functions, as they are clarified and highlighted.

Aside from this, the application keeps track of all the cells that you explored, giving you the option to easily navigate back to any previously visited cell and revise it. This is a handy feature, because you can easily switch between cells using keyboard shortcuts.

To sum it up, Arixcel Explorer conveniently helps you explore and analyze the cells of your worksheets, so that you can better understand the functions they contain and how they are connected to the other table cells.