ArKaos VJ DMX is a powerful application designed to help you create a presentation by mixing video files in real time. It allows you to create a collection of video clips and to play them in a creative way in order to impress your audience.

In order to create a video presentation you need to create a project by adding media files and effects that you need to use. The program can handle popular media files such as BMP and JPG images or AVI movie files. It also includes more than forty text message formats that can be added to your project.

A video file, text or image can be associated with a key in order to display it on the screen. The program is designed to work with a MIDI controller in order to trigger the clips. Although the controller provides more flexibility, you can also use the keyboard and the mouse to play the files.

You can add an effect from the program's library for every media file used for the presentation. It can be a 3D effect, a transition effect or an artistic effect that you choose to emphasize the content of the video. The program's interface is quite easy to use as you just need to drag an effect to a button in order to apply it.

The application can overlap two or more items by arranging them into layers. You just need to double click a certain button in order to display the properties window and to change the layer priority.

You can mix the items in front of your audience or record the commands and save them as a project file. This allows you to perform live or to sit back while the program does all the hard work.

The resources required by the program depend on the number of items used and the size of the video clips. In our tests, the processor load was insignificant while the response time was very good. All the items were played instantly with up to four overlapped clips.

Overall, the program is a good solution for anyone that wants to use video effects and real time video mixing for a party or presentation.