Fantasy novels and games have always been a means through which we try and escape the reality of our everyday lives. Unfortunately, even the fantasy genre has its fair share of examples where evil wins, and that can terrify some people.

 Army of Darkness 3D Screensaver is such an example as it showcases an army of evil orc-like creatures marching towards war.

By today's standards, the app can only be described as "visually dated." Fortunately for it, it has that type of graphics that just look old, not cheaply made, similar to how we now view RPGs from the early 2000s.

Everything from the gothic hell-themed background to the creature design will make you relive your glory days of hacking enemies with a sword in your favorite fantasy game.

The soundtrack is also a plus, as the epic instrumentals perfectly fit an army of evil entities marching towards conquering the world.

Thanks to the currently low-end graphics, the app behaved flawlessly during testing, showing no signs of low FPS values, nor the occasional performance spikes.

However, those of you still using older computer systems may not have the same experience. Fortunately, the app's screensaver manager comes with a "Settings" menu from where you can adjust the screen resolution, gamma control, advanced lighting and fullscreen antialiasing.

This feature ensures that just about anyone will have a smooth experience running this app, regardless of the computer system they are currently running. For those of you who think that a better soundtrack would fit the overall atmosphere, you'll be glad to know that the music volume can also be adjusted or muted altogether.

Army of Darkness 3D Screensaver does not manage to impress too much with the graphics, but it does with the overall nostalgia it generates, and the epic soundtrack that didn't seem to age a bit. These make this screensaver a nice addition to any mature gamer's digital library.