China is a vast country that holds a rich history and mythology surround it that it has been the subject of folklore, books, movies, and ballads for hundreds of years.

Around the World: Beijing is a screensaver software application that promises to bring some of that chinese mysticism to your home screen.

The word "traditional"  is almost always by the word "Chinese" for some reason or another, and this is reflected in the excellent way this traditionally drawn landscape manages to charm us. Everything in the scenery looks hand-drawn, with two fluttering flags blowing in the wind and being the only 3D rendered elements.

The time-lapse effect of the sunrise and sunset are a marvelous thing to behold as all the colors shift as the Sun moves across the sky. Additionally, there are also weather effects that need to be taken into consideration.

Despite being poorly animated by today's standards, they will surely pull on the nostalgic heartstrings of those of you who've been using screensavers since the early 2000's

Since there are few resource-hungry 3D elements, and they are small, the app has nothing that could lead to increased consumption of your system's resources while running.

During testing it performed impeccably from an FPS point of view, unfortunately, due to its, age, it is not optimized for now popular wide-screen monitor formats. Considering the actual purpose of a screensaver, leaving certain sections of your screen blacked out does more harm than good to your monitor.

Around the World: Beijing does its job well, as depending on your taste, you may find yourself sitting blankly at your screen admiring the Great Wall. The fact that it runs smoothly on pretty much any system is also a great advantage especially if you're using a laptop and have concerns about the battery.