Japan is a country we all know and admire for some reason or another. The countryside is beautiful, they have a reputation for being honorable and efficient, and the food is famous.

Around the World: Tokyo is a screensaver app that will bring a bit of Japan's charm to your PC.

Around the World: Tokyo manages to impress with simple aesthetics that aren't even 3D by using a clever combination of 2D animation and realistic lighting effects.

The overall scenery is that of a typical view of Mount Fuji, a Japanese traditional home, a lantern, and a waterfall, all typical elements that make us think of Japan.

The whole scenery is then decorated with the lighting of the ever-shifting day and night cycle, along with various weather conditions such as clear skies or storms.

The music isn't something that should be overlooked either since the traditional lute music blends perfectly with whatever environmental sound effects might be playing at the moment.

Because of the lack of resource-hungry 3D elements, te app runs and will most likely run on pretty much any system out there without presenting any performance issues in any way.

The only downside is that due to its age, the screensaver is not optimized to support wide-screen monitors, thus using it on such a monitor may cause more harm than good to it.

However, if you still encounter any performance issues such as FPS drops, you could always just enable or disable some features. For example, you can disable the rain effect, the music, and sounds, and can even switch the clock's format between 12h and 24h formats.

Around the World: Tokyo is not the most visually impressive screensaver out there, but the traditional drawing and animation are precisely what give this app its charm.