Working as a musician or sound engineer can be a rewarding, yet challenging task, as it requires you to keep track of a wide variety of parameters.

Fortunately, you can simplify your work by turning to third-party software solutions such as ARP2600 V3 that provide you with a broad range of controls to help you create high-quality projects.

This program's interface simulates the famous analog audio synthesizer ARP 2600 and enables you to interact with it in a realistic manner, such as working with the actual hardware components.

The main window consists of three components, a pack of synth modules, a keyboard and a sequencer, which can be viewed and operated by scrolling down or up to your desired one. Unfortunately, you cannot choose to view all of them on the screen or separate them into individual entities.

Although the virtual instrument's settings are predefined, the modules can be rewired without significant efforts. All you have to do in this case is click, drag and release the wire from its position to the new one.

It is also possible to adjust settings by using the slider bars and volume knobs available in the upper part of the synthesizer. Some of them include resonance, notch frequency, pulse width, oscillator sync and global volume. After you identify the corresponding button on the top toolbar, you can access an extensive list of presets and select your favorite one.

Although the classical ARP 2600 does not have a built-in sequencer, this application provides you with a virtual one that is wired to the synth modules. You can generate sound sequences and customize them by flipping switches, dragging slider buttons or rewiring it.

The virtual keyboard that is available on the bottom of the screen is wired to the synth panel by default. It also packs a few controls that enable you to adjust some of its settings. If you have a MIDI keyboard, you can connect it to the application and replace the virtual one.

All in all, ARP2600 V3 is a reliable application that simulates the ARP 2600 analog audio synthesizer, while also providing you with additional features, including a sequencer and many presets. Its interface resembles the ARP 2600's one and interacting with it can be done in a realistic manner. You can flip switches, turn knobs, rewire its interface and drag slider bar buttons.