Obtaining better numbers when working at multiple tasks or chores can be done by limiting time loss and increasing performance. A time matrix tool is often the solution employed by users and Arrange is here to provide more than just that. It will enable one to create tasks, manage them on a scrum board and add priority grades to classify tasks hierarchically.

Access to almost all of the app’s features is provided from the main layout, which enables one to access the time matrix or the scrum board quickly. Furthermore, a useful side-panel offers statistics for the existing tasks, with indices for the due date or the total number of tasks.

The primary functionality is based on a time matrix, which contains four main panels, which can hold the defined tasks. Each group features a different importance rating, ranging from “Important & Urgent” all the way down to “Less Important”.

Creating new tasks is a simple-enough process, as users are guided by a step-by-step wizard that allows filling in details such as task category, recurrence, alarms and, most importantly, a health index, which states the task’s daily status, according to the work progress it receives.

Yet another essential tool provided by the app is a scrum board, which basically allows one to view the added tasks and their details, such as the due date or health, on a single panel. Dragging-and-dropping is supported and editing the tasks’ details can also be done from this menu.

This application holds a collection of comprehensive time management tools, which can allow people to improve their working efficiency by attaining an increased task handling and monitoring process.