Creating personalised calendars for both the home and workplace! Fully personalise calendars with ease from a wide choice of templates guaranteed to give fast professional results.

The Art & Craft software gives you the 100's templates and an easy to use wizard that allows you to create completely personal yearly, monthly, quarterly, and diary calendar designs in minutes.

Ready made templates can be used and just by adding your own digital images from a camera or mobile phone it couldn't be easier to personalise calendars as gifts, by just adding your own photos!

Wizard based software to guide you through creating a calendar based on one of the hundreds of templates also included with software, but you also have the liberty of creating your own calendar from scratch.

Hundreds of pieces of digiart, clipart, backgrounds, borders, fades and textures have been put together for this pack that can be used this and any other Art and Craft solution module.

Here are some key features of "Art Craft Calendars Diaries":

■ Hundreds of ready-to-use calendar layouts to choose from

■ Add your own photographs – a different one for each month

■ Add a personal message using professional fonts and text effects

■ Use scribble text for that hand-written look

■ Highlight your special dates, events and must-do reminders

■ Remembers birthdays and recurring events for you – year after year

■ Inserts Public and Religious Holidays across all years

■ You can choose the month and the day your calendar starts

■ Creates totally accurate calendars up to year 2099

■ Also designs A4 size annual, quarterly, monthly and daily diary wall calendars

■ A5 and A4 portrait and landscape refill packs available from our website


■ 500 Mhz CPU

■ 256 MB RAM

■ 700 MB Free Disk

■ CD Drive

■ 1024x768 Display

■ .NET Framework

■ 1 GHz CPU

■ 1 GB RAM

■ 256 MB Graphics Card

■ Broadband Internet Access

■ Colour Inkjet Printer


■ 30 days trial period; when the time limit of the trial version has expired, any printed output will have a watermark