If you are looking into ways of exposing yourself to art without having to stick to a formal and inflexible setting, you might be interested in a software solution such as Art Project for Firefox.

The tool is a Firefox extension whose very purpose is to prompt you with famous paintings and pictures each time you open a new tab in the browser.

Given the add-on’s specific, you should expect a hassle-free installation process, with no icon whatsoever being placed in the toolbar. That is because the app does not come with any customization options and is simplistic from beginning to end.

However, its very subtlety may be to the liking of users who want to embellish their browser without making it feel crowded, and that is precisely what Art Project for Firefox can do.

As for the origins of this little tool, you may want to know that it is based on Google Art Project extension, which resembles in purpose since it also brings out masterpieces from both classic and contemporary artists.

This is also the case of Art Project for Firefox, which shows images in the best quality possible. Even though the pictures are refreshed on a daily basis, you have the option to do it manually as well and explore an inspiring gallery.

But that’s about it as far as customizations are concerned. However, the browser add-on comes with an informative side as well since it also displays the title and author of each and every artwork. A click on the description leads you to the Google Cultural Institute website, where you can find out more about the image in cause, so the add-on can be used as a reliable educational resource as well.

All in all, Art Project for Firefox is a simplistic tool that enhances your browser by replacing new tabs, whose dullness is implicit, with eye-catching images created by renowned painters, photographers, and visual artists.