Although some might criticize the computer for stealing attention from books and storytelling, they actually got greatly enhanced because of this advancement in technology. Learning, research, or pure fiction can come in the form of plain text, video games, or powerful presentations. Take Articulate Storyline for instance, which provides more than enough options to create stories, presentations, or even interactive tests.

The application can serve many purposes, but one in particular is sure to be appreciated by large groups of individuals. In other words, you’re able to combine different multimedia file types, in fully customizable slides, along with different paragraphs and even tests. Teachers and tutors are sure to impress and keep students interested. However, it can also be used to build powerful presentations.

The visual design makes sure there’s no problem with the accommodation process. This is mostly because it’s built on the popular Office window style, and you even get to work with similar tools and design elements. In fact, Articulate Storyline looks like a pumped-up version of PowerPoint, and not just in terms of visuals, but mostly when it comes to the set of features.

First off, you need to define the general storyline of your project, and this is done through scenes. you’re free to create more, and each component of a scene is opened in a new tab and automatically integrated. These can be linked, with the possibility to create triggers for moving forward, or even playing specific animations.

One of the elements you can take advantage of are slides. The creation process is pretty similar to that of PowerPoint, and given the similar interface design, you also get the feeling you’re using it. This is not a bad thing, since you can build thorough presentations, combining videos with text, pictures, objects, or custom drawings. Animations aren’t missing, with an impressive variety of methods to configure triggers and timing options.

In addition, a scene can also include different tests and quizzes. There are several built-in presets to help you get familiar with the creation process, or you can manually pick from various types, like multiple choice, true or false, and others. Support can include any variety of multimedia files, as well as prompt messages for right or wrong answers, and complex scoring system.

In case you want to explain computer science, you might want to know there’s a built-in screen recorder. Although it can only record video, sound can be captured as well, either from speakers or a microphone, while the recording area can either be the entire screen, or a box you manually adjust.

Bottom line is that computers have become a part of our daily activities and our lives, and it’s a shame not to take advantage of the amount and variety of help it provides. Education is still an important aspect in our development, and Articulate Storyline is an application that can deliver knowledge or just fiction, in powerful, fully customizable slideshows. The variety of options is no less than impressive, with configurable triggers that let you interact with the story, keeping interest at its peak.