Artista Impresso enables you to change your photos in such a manner that they will end up looking like an Impressionist painting created by artists in the 19th century. Focusing on details and light - shadow combinations, this application can transform a simple image into a real masterpiece.

Working with Artista Impresso should pose no difficulties to users, since all the options are intuitive and neatly layed out in a single window. Only a few file formats are supported, namely JPG, PNG and TIFF.

The great thing about it is the generous range of presets, which makes it easier for you to process the input image. The 'Alla Prima' presets are perfect for portraits, enabling you to find the perfect combination between brush strokes, light and color, while the presets in the 'En Plein Air' category are specifically designed for landscapes, relying on eight different color palettes used by Impressionist artists.

If none of the available presets provides a satisfying result, you can also tamper with some parameters such as the brush size, style, the canvas strength and style, color enhancement, bristle strength and depth or artistic finish.

Artista Impresso features an elliptic detail tool that focuses on the area you want to insert small brush strokes in. For sections that require fine details such as faces or complex objects you can insert more detail tools and adjust the detail size.

With the help of the crop tool you can easily get rid of the unwanted areas in the photo, while the advanced zooming options allow you to take a closer look at the small details. With just a click, you can toggle the original image into the preview area and compare it to the output.

With special attention to details and texture, Artista Impresso enables you to turn your images into realistic-looking stroke-filled paintings that can amaze anyone. The preset collection is variate, ready to meet all the requirements. The application renders the result as you make modifications, so you can take a look at fine details and correct them on the spot. Your masterpiece can be one click away.