Artpip is a simplistic, Electron-based piece of software that displays as your computer's desktop background a different 4K resolution, high-quality image of a famous painting every day or at a custom schedule.

In fact, if you happen to like the displayed artworks, the application can help you easily order a quality print of canvas reproductions for some of the most famous paintings to date.

The application can be installed in a matter of seconds, without much effort on your behalf by simply launching its typical installer. Once it is installed on your computer's system, the application makes its presence know by integrating with the taskbar.

As mentioned before, your computer's desktop background will be automatically changed with an high-quality imagine of the featured piece of art. It goes without saying that you cannot use this application to load your own wallpapers.

The application provides you with the name of the painting and its author via native system notifications. The same information can be gained by taking a look at the app's main window. It also allows you to mark your favorite paintings and add them to Favorites.

Additionally, from the main window, you can also directly order a reproduction of the featured art piece by simply clicking on the designated button from the lower part.

You may also notice the app's Settings menu, accessible by clicking the sprocket shaped button from the lower-left part of the main window. Within this menu, you can set up the app to automatically launch at system startup, as well as enable or disable the notifications. You may also notice the Customization menu. From this menu, you can choose from two display modes, namely Featured and Custom. By choosing the former, you will be provided with a beautiful piece of featured art every day, while the latter offers a bit more flexibility.

For example, you can ask the app to change your computer's wallpaper every five or thirty minutes, as well as at intervals of one, six, twelve or 24 hours. You can also choose their time (era) provenance and their type (Oil, Watercolor, Sketches, and Prints). We would have liked the application even more if it would at least offered the option to change the Blur and Dim levels of the featured art piece, like the macOS version of Artpip does.

All in all, if you like to enhance the way your computer's desktop looks with the help of high-quality images of famous paintings, then you can check out this tiny app.