The Microsoft ASF container allows to store video and audio streams encoded by third-party codecs, not built-in Windows Media Audio/Video codecs only.The ASF Direct Writer Filter was designed to capture in ASF file format using most of codecs installed on you system.

It is guarantied excellent audio-video streams synchronization. This synchronization is preserved if you re-encode the file into other formats, MPEG1/2 for example. That is using ASF Direct Writer is the best way to create your own Video CD and DVD disks from analog sources, such VHS and so on.

For DVD creation purposes you should use codecs that preserve interlace structure of the video frames (Morgan MJPEG, Pic Video MJPEG, Mainconcept DV codecs for example).

ASF Direct Writer is attached to the iuVCS or iuVCR capture utilities. Other capture programs are not supported.


■ DirectX 8.1 or higher (DirectX 9.0c recommended);

■ Windows Media Encoder 9;

■ Video capture utility iuVCS (version 0.9.03 or higher) or iuVCR (version 4.9.2 or higher).


■ Unregistered version of the ASF Direct Writer has limitation on capture time. If you wish to use the ASF Direct Writer without any functional limitations, you MUST register.