Due to high-intensity camera flashes, retinas often reflect the light back and create the so-called red-eye effect, which can look bad in your pictures. It is, however, possible to remove this annoyance, by employing specialized software to detect and correct the undesired artifacts.

Ashampoo Red Ex is a software utility that enables you to easily get rid of the red-eye effect, by analyzing the picture and automatically detecting the affected areas. In order to achieve this, you can simply select the portion of the image containing the eyes and let the application detect and fix the problem.

However, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can choose to perform a manual removal by utilizing the selection tool. Thus, you are able to pinpoint the exact areas and avoid affecting the rest of the image. In order to have a better overview on the modifications, you can switch back and forth between the original image and the one you are currently modifying.

In case you have more than one photo you want to fix, the application enables you to open as many images as you desire, by loading entire folders at once. Thanks to the wide array of supported formats, the images can be imported under the PNG, JPG or BMP formats and they can also be saved using the same file extensions.

If your photos happen to be rotated, you can use the built-in rotation tool to fix their orientation, or you can let the application do it for you, using information based on EXIF data. Furthermore, you can quickly switch between pictures by clicking on the provided directional arrows.

Overall, Ashampoo Red Ex is an efficient and precise utility designed to effectively remove red-eye occurrences from your digital photos. The wide array of supported formats and the ability to load multiple files at once allow for increased productivity as well, as does the automatic detection and removal process.