Asman QuickRun is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help you launch programs from your desktop with ease. This desktop file launcher comes packed with up to 208 shortcut locations that you can make use of, as well as several predefined categories.

The GUI is made up of 26 small panels that give you quick access to the target programs that you want to open. There’s support for 8 predefined categories where you can fill in 26 shortcuts for each category. With just one click on a shortcut, the program automatically opens the corresponding utility.

You can quickly switch between the following categories: System and Internet, Tools, Image – Photo, Audio, Video, Text, DVD, and Games. In addition, you are allowed to move the main window to the desired position on the screen.

Asman QuickRun integrates several tweaking parameters that help you create a new shortcut by selecting the desired category and picking the executable file (you may drag and drop the EXE files directly in the main window).

What’s more, you are allowed to remove shortcuts, change the looks of the application by choosing between several colorful themes, set up a master password so unauthorized users cannot have access to your configuration settings, restart Asman QuickRun, back up database to a safe location, and start the utility in ten seconds.

All in all, although Asman QuickRun doesn’t impress much in the visual department, it is quite practical. You can use it for making some room on your desktop by gathering up all your favorite program shortcuts in a single environment.