Some text related activities on a computer have you constantly writing the same forms or text paragraphs, which easily gets frustrating. Luckily, developers came out with solutions to this issue in the form configurable hotkey commands which paste long strings, and one suitable example in this regard is Asoftech Auto Typer.

The configuration window shows up on launch, while the rest of the time the application quietly sits in the tray area. Note that there’s no built-on option to make it run with Windows to have hotkeys ready when reaching the desktop, but you can bypass this inconvenience by manually placing a shortcut in the system startup folder.

All command types are known as robots, with no presets to quickly get you up and running. However, creating a robot doesn’t require much effort. A dedicated configuration window shows up, split into two sections to define input, and general behavior options.

Every robot can be fitted with multiple strings, each known as steps and saved in a dedicated recorder. A name needs to be assigned to each robot. Sadly, you can only insert plain text, with no related configuration options whatsoever. Robots need to be fitted with start and stop hotkeys for efficient trigger.

You can create multiple robots which only activate when pressing trigger hotkeys. However, you can choose which to leave enabled in the main window. When the hotkey is activated the text is pasted in the selected text field, regardless of the window it’s in. Moreover, the application comes with a built-in scheduler which can automate the process of selected robots.

In conclusion, Asoftech Auto Typer is sure to save you a great deal of effort when having to work with similar forms and text strings on a daily basis. It’s easy to configure robots, each with its own set of hotkeys, while the scheduler can further decrease the effort required on your behalf.