Periodically cleaning up your computer is a good practice to keep, since piling up temporary files and unnecessary data not only that occupy storage space, but they can also affect the performance and response speed of the machine. A dedicated application is, most probably, the easiest and most convenient manner to do so and, in this regard, Asoftis PC Cleaner might do the trick.

Like other similar software, Asoftis PC Cleaner aims to make sure the computer is running at top speed by cleaning up unneeded files. The application can be used both for performing hard disk cleaning, and registry optimization.

Once launched, Asoftis PC Cleaner starts scanning your computer and retrieves information regarding the temporary files that should be deleted and the Recycle Bin content. It analyzes several locations on your system, where temporary data is usually stored. Additionally, it displays information about system upgrade files that were left behind during Windows update, as well as Windows backups.

The hibernate mode can be disabled on the local system to save even more storage space. With a single click, you can instruct Asoftis PC Cleaner to securely delete the selected data, thus saving a significant amount of disk space.

Aside from disk cleaning, Asoftis PC Cleaner can also be used for performing registry scanning and optimization. Things are not complicated here also, as you only have to press a button for the application to start analyzing registry entries.

All the identified issues in the registry are displayed in a table. Asoftis PC Cleaner can check for missing executables that have corresponding registry entries, missing uninstall files, and many more such problems. All issues can be solved with the click of a button.

Asoftis PC Cleaner works with hard disks, SSDs, and SSHDs, facilitating the quick cleanup of redundant data. However, since it deletes data and modifies the system's registry, it is advisable you create a system backup before using it.

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