Both the tile-based Start Menu in Windows 10 and the start screen in Windows 8/8.1 are elements that Microsoft thought of as being the next step in quickly accessing installed apps and performing searches via the start menu. However, if you are still nostalgic about the classic look of the Windows start menu, then you can try out Asoftis Start Menu.

This particular application is specifically designed for users of Windows 8, 8.1, and 10, allowing them to replace the default start menu with the Windows 7 one. Even the start button and the new Windows logo are substituted to give you the feeling you are using Windows 7.

The updated (or should we say the old) start menu has exactly the same design as the classic Windows 7 menu. It displays a list of the most recently used applications to the left, allowing you to easily remove items from the list and reorganize it. The search form is exactly where you know it should be, allowing you to look for an installed applications and launch it with a click.

The right side of the menu includes the name of the logged in user and the associated picture, along with other frequently accessed directories and system areas. As it was in Windows 7, there are shortcuts to the Documents, the Music, the Pictures and the Games folders, to My Computer, to the Control Panel and its Devices and Printers section, as well as links to set the default programs and get help and support from Microsoft.

The power options menu is also available, allowing you to shut down sleep, restart or lock the computer, and log out the current user.

Asoftis Start Menu is for those who get melancholic about previous versions of Windows or simply loved the classic design of the start menu. It requires no system restart, but note that the explorer.exe process will be restarted automatically when the application is installed or uninstalled.

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