Watching movies in their native language can be a challenging activity, especially if you do not meet certain language requirements.

Although it is possible to buy dubbed movies, the experience is not the same one as hearing the original voice actors. Fortunately, you can rely on subtitles that allow you to understand the movie without ruining your experience with fake voices. One of the applications that can help you achieve that is Atlas Subtitler.

Note that this utility requires .NET Framework in order to run properly.

This application comes with a simple, quite unattractive design. On the bright side, its functions are rather intuitive, thus allowing a wide range of users to understand and access it with ease, regardless of their PC knowledge.

There is no traditional configuration window or menu, but you can customize certain parameters, such as subtitle language preferences.

You can rely on this application to provide you with subtitle files for your video content by downloading them from the Internet. It is possible to grab subtitles for individual files or for an entire folder's worth of items by activating the corresponding radio button and defining the source documents.

After specifying the source items, you can select the servers and modify certain options, such as searching methods (e.g. by hash, title, season, episode or year), synchronization between tracks or encoding.

Subsequent to downloading the desired content, it is possible to adjust timing parameters if the subtitles are displayed too early or too late. You can limit them by defining a time range and delay or advance them by specifying the number of seconds.

In conclusion, Atlas Subtitler can help you download subtitles for your video files by allowing you to define the source content, preferred servers and track synchronization parameters.