Atomic Subscription Manager is a lightweight Windows application that helps with managing mailing lists and controlling all user requests to subscribe/unsubscribe to/from the mailing list automatically.

The utility sports a ribbon-like GUI which makes it easier for you to discover its features. You can keep track of all your projects via an Explorer-like panel. A help manual is included in the package in case you need further assistance with the configuration settings.

A brand-new project can be created with the aid of a wizard-like assistant which offers tips throughout the entire tweaking process. You can specify the name and saving directory, create a new mailing list or import the information from plain text or CSV file format, as well as set up SMTP parameters (e.g. server, connection, username/password).

What’s more, you can choose between different subscription types, namely by email (users need to send a message with ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Unsubscribe’ in the subject and the utility automatically handles the request), web form (you can add a subscription form to your website and the tool automatically adds/removes user), and custom files that contain the necessary details for adding/removing users.

In order to automate the subscription process, Atomic Subscription Manager comes with support for custom rules. You can set up rules by specifying the mailbox for getting subscribing/unsubscribing requests, sending notifications by email, skipping user confirmation, and configuring the action (add or remove users) that is triggered in case the subject line contains user-defined keywords.

Atomic Subscription Manager lets you export email addresses, usernames, IP addresses and date stamps to the clipboard or save the information to CSV, TXT, XLS, DOC or other file format.

You are given the freedom to start or stop the current process or all of them, check out logs which include details about all actions and possible errors, load MS Outlook or Outlook Express address book, perform searches in the mailing list, and delete duplicate addresses.

Reports can be generated by date, email or unsubscribed users, and you can sort the information by day, month or year in an ascending or descending order. Plus, the tool lets you show only records from a defined period and export the reports to XLS, TXT, CSV or clipboard.

To sum things up, Atomic Subscription Manager is all worthy of your attention because it provides automatic features for helping you remove/add subscribers from/to your mailing list by sending them notification emails. It is suitable for rookies and professionals alike.