Audiffex Pedals package provides a complete set of 36 plug-ins for guitar, bass, software instruments, vocal and acoustic instruments.

Audiffex guitar pedals - the legendary product, released under our previous label DSound 10 years ago as one of the first professional guitar software solutions. Because of a strong demand to release this set also for ProTools and as a standalone product, we have released the complete set of our stomp-box effects in one package.

AP - Auto Pan

AT - Auto Tuner

AW - Auto Wah

CHB - Bass Chorus

BD - BPM Delay

DTB - Bass Distortion

FLB - Bass Flanger

GEB - Bass Graphic EQ

BLG - Guitar Blues Drive

ODB - Bass OverDrive

PRB - Bass Preamp

PHB - Bass Phaser

SPB - Bass Speaker Simulator

TCB - Bass Tone Control

CH - Chorus

CLG - Guitar Clean Preamp

CM - Compressor

CPG - Guitar Crunch Preamp

DT - Distortion

EC - Exciter

EG - Expander Gate

FL - Flanger

GEG - Guitar Graphic EQ

HGG - Guitar HiGain Preamp

LC - Level Control

NG - Noise Gate

OD - OverDrive

OT - Octaver

PAG - Guitar Power Amp

PE - Parametric EQ

PH - Phaser

PW - Pedal Wah

RV - Reverb

SPG - Guitar Speaker Simulator

TCG - Guitar Tone Control

TR - Tremolo