Before it reaches your ears in just the right quality in the form of a song, sound needs to be recorded and carefully processed. Various applications are available for this task, amongst which is Audio Companion and promises to deliver several tools you can use to capture sound and manage music files.

The main window of the application features three tabs dedicated to each function. A CD ripper is one of them and needless to say how it can be used. Specific options give you the possibility to select the desired drive if you are using multiple, set synch correction and even digital audio extraction speed.

Opening the next tab gives you access to a sound recorder. It features a list with all files that are saved once captured, displaying name, size and length. A base file name can be set, as well as the encoder and bitrate. Moreover, you can manually hit the “Split” button when recording to save current sound to file and continue the process, or set the application to do so automatically by managing a few settings.

Last but not least, a powerful tool gives you the possibility to load multiple WAV, MP3 or WMA files to be processed. Encoding settings allow you to select the output format and you can also choose a desired destination folder.

All functions mentioned above can easily be put in motion with the help of hotkeys. However, you can only view them in the help manual, with no option that allows you to change them.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Audio Companion has just the right name. With all functions cleverly integrated in a single window not only does it make every process fast, but also flexible.