If you have a large digital audio collection, you probably know how difficult it is to organize it and to find and remove duplicate songs.

Audio Comparer allows you to scan your computer for similar or identical audio files of numerous formats and delete the ones that use up disk space unnecessarily.

The program allows you to organize the songs you wish to compare into audio groups, then save these lists to individual files.

It features a wizard mode that makes this task easy, allowing you to add specific songs or have the application scan multiple folders for supported audio files. You can then decide whether you want to compare the songs within one audio group or to compare two lists, in order to locate duplicates.

Audio Comparer does not just scan for files with identical names, sizes or tags, it analyzes the actual audio data in order to find songs that sound similar. This is a useful function, as identical files that are encoded differently might feature different bitrates or embedded metadata.

Once you have loaded the selection of songs you want to compare, the program scans it, then lists the duplicate songs it has discovered and displays their similarity in percentage form.

You can decide which action should be performed for each detected similar file. The program can automatically mark the best or worst quality duplicate songs in each group, making it easy for you to move or delete unwanted files.

If you decide that one of the listed audio files is, in fact, not a duplicate, you can remove it from the results page.

Overall, Audio Comparer is an easy-to-use application that can find and remove duplicate audio files of various formats, in order to help you organize your music collection.