Audio Control is a lightweight utility that allows you to control the volume of various devices in a more intuitive way than the Windows Volume Mixer and features a fully customizable interface.

The application's interface can be viewed in a standard mode, which displays all available devices and information, or several minimalistic modes. These can display only certain audio lines and controls, depending on which device's volume you need to adjust.

When viewing the application in a minimal mode, it is possible to specify the width of the window's border. This is especially useful when the title bar is disabled, as it eliminates unnecessary screen space usage.

It is also possible to change device names, making them easier to recognize. These are only modified within the application and allow you to identify particular pieces of equipment more easily.

The volume level can be adjusted with the mouse scroll wheel, by using keyboard keys or even by entering a specific number value.

The application's interface can be displayed without the title bar, to save screen space and reduce its visibility, especially in minimal mode.

You can have the program always remain on top of other windows, which is useful if you need to control the volume of various devices while using another application.

When the computer is idle, Audio Control can be automatically hidden after a certain period of time. It can instantly disappear, contract or slowly fade.

Audio Control is designed as a replacement for the Windows Volume Mixer, but it offers relatively little extra functionality in comparison.

Additionally, its interface looks rather outdated, especially on more modern operating systems.

To conclude, if you are looking for an application that can give you better access to your system's volume control, while offering a more intuitive approach than the Windows Volume Mixer, you can try Audio Control.