Powerful yet Simple to use software to convert between many different audio formats.

The program is most popular for converting Audio CD Albums into MP3 files for putting onto your portable MP3 player, however it can convert between many more formats also. ( SEE TABLE AT BOTTOM)

This is our latest and greatest converter at present and has been included in our Gold Series of software packages. The converter features all of the CD to MP3 PRO ability but with much more power and flexibility.

AC Deluxe is far superior to other converters as it makes conversions easy needing no more than a few mouse clicks to convert an entire folder or CD to any other format. If you want to convert your CD's onto your MP3 player, go no further, as AC Deluxe is the perfect choice for the task.

The program is simple to use with fast and excellent quality results. It incorporates the latest LAME MP3 encoding algorithms generating crisp tantalising quality audio. Convert Bulk Media from any format to any other format in just minutes !

The program will BATCH convert as many files as you wish. So get the kettle on and put your feet up while it does the hard work for you !

There are many great features that AC Deluxe has above other converters including a full media search utility enabling you to search an entire hard drive for any songs, media. These harvested files can then be added at the click of your mouse to the converter.

AC Deluxe comes with a copy of PCM software's ReSampler (v1.0) Utlility. This offers proffesional quality resampling. Any resampling rate can be achieved from 2000Hz upto 192,000Hz.

The resampler also offers the choice of changing Bit Depth and Channels. IE. You can convert a song that is 44100Hz, 16-Bit, Stereo into 11025Hz, 8-Bit, Mono for uploading to a website or convert to 48000Hz, 16-Bit, Stereo for use with equipment that will only accept this rate.

AC Deluxe also features a fast direct SCSI interface for fast extraction of audio from CD's.

Online help is very good and can be accessed from the program in just a click at anytime. Online Help is regularly updated, keeping you up to date at all times.

· CD to MP3 Compact Disc Audio to Mpeg Layer Three- most popular

· CD to WAV Compact Disc Audio to Uncompressed PCM WAV

· CD to WMA Compact Disc Audio to Windows Media Audio WAV to MP3

· Uncompressed PCM WAV to Mpeg Layer Three

· WAV to WMA Uncompressed PCM WAV to Windows Media Audio

· MP3 to WAV Mpeg Layer Three to Uncompressed PCM WAV

· MP3 to WMA Mpeg Layer Three to Windows Media Audio

· WMA to MP3 Windows Media Audio to Mpeg Layer Three

· WMA to WAV Windows Media Audio to Uncompressed PCM WAV

Here are some key features of "Audio Converter Deluxe":

· Musicians tool can be used to prepare demo

· MP3's/WMA's for Emailing & Websites etc...

· Decode WMA and MP3 files into PCM WAV's for composition of SoundFonts.

· Get your audio CD Albums onto your portable MP3 player, quick and easy

· Use to rip audio CD's into uncompressed 16 bit / 44.1kHz / Stereo WAV (.wav) files

· Convert Audio CD Albums into MP3's in just minutes !


· 600MHz + Processor

· 32Mb Ram

· 100Mb Hard disk space