Although the current technological advancements have brought us closer to unified solutions, such as the USB-C standard, other fields, such as the musical industry, still rely on diversity. Take audio formats for instance, there are still numerous users out there who perform audio conversions for attaining interoperability. With simplicity in mind, Audio Music Batch Converter aims at providing essential audio conversion for multi-file instances.

Being designed with ease-of-use in mind, the program will allow users to either add individual files or point out the directory address and load all the available audio files. No pre-defined filtering is provided, but one can select only the preferred format from the navigation window.

There is no drag-and-drop, and this could have been a very useful feature for such a utility. Nevertheless, due to the very intuitive way users can add their files, the aforementioned aspect might not be such a big issue.

Being a converter-type app means that some of its capability will be measured against the number of supported formats. And Audio Music Batch Converter will offer its users support for some of the most common and widely used formats.

Coupled with the large number of formats, the app can also handle ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags and will allow one to customize the output bitrate for the converted files. The increased file support and extra features, together with the batch processing capabilities make for a quite useful suite.

If users are on the lookout for a way of converting multiple audio files simultaneously, without having to resort to complex solutions, than this app can very well serve that purpose without glitches and issues.