Audio Shrinker is a reliable program that enables you to reduce the size of music files, by applying the specified compression rate. The software does not require user intervention, except when loading the source files and mentioning the compression rate. The rest of the process is automatic.

Audio Shrinker allows you to resize audio files, which can come in handy when you wish to copy them onto mobile devices and memory space is important. Many times the audio quality is hot highly affected by compressing the file, which means you can shrink the files without compromising their audio quality.

The software supports several audio formats, including AAC, AC3, MP3, M4A, OGG or WMA. It can apply these filters when browsing for input files, so you may easily select and import them. Once you have loaded the files, you can set the compression rate, on a scale from 10% to 80%. The files are displayed as name, path, initial size and expected size after compression.

Before you start the compression, you may adjust the list of files, by adding new ones or removing the unnecessary files. A ‘Select all’ function allows you to clear the entire list in case you have changed your mind. As soon as the process starts, a secondary table window appears, indicating the progress of compression for each file.

All the songs are handled successively, meaning you do not need to manually restart the process for each file. All output is saved to the specified folder and the initial file formats are maintained.

Its friendly and visually appealing interface makes Audio Shrinker a convenient tool for editing music files. Moreover, it can batch compress songs and apply the same size reducing rate to all of them. The software automates the compression process, meaning you are not allowed to adjust audio quality parameters.