Audio Sliders is an audio processing tool that enables you to adjust the master volume, bass and treble levels by toggling 5 preset profiles with customizable settings. It's mostly geared toward experienced users.

The setup operation is a fast and easy that shouldn't give you any trouble. As far as the interface is concerned, it creates an icon in the systray area for quick access, so it doesn't interrupt your regular PC activity. It adopts a small frame that stays on top of other windows by default and displays all five presets, enabling you to change their configuration.

It's possible to adjust or mute the master volume, CD audio, speakers, software peakmeter of the right and left channels, as well as to view the CD or MP3 song title, CPU utilization, free physical memory, or the memory load.

Audio Sliders lets you edit the properties of these five layouts by adding or removing the bars you don't need. Moreover, you can modify on-screen display settings when it comes to the popup mode (e.g. when the hotkey or tray icon is pressed, when the volume changes), popup and on-screen display time, OSD size, standard, muted and background colors, along with the audio CD, like autoplay or CDA filetype associations.

The application supports multiple skins and can be asked to autorun at every Windows startup. It's possible to disable animations, hide the peak marks, revert the recording controls, set an autohide time and the preferred date/time format, remap global hotkeys, and switch to another GUI language.

We haven't come across any stability issues in our tests, thanks to the fact that the program didn't hang, crash or prompt error messages. It had minimal impact on the computer's performance, using low CPU and RAM.

Thanks to its advanced options, Audio Sliders should meet the requirements of many users looking for an advanced audio mixer.