Audio to WAV Converter is a tool created to help you change the format of your audio files to the native Windows audio type.

The app comes with a nice and easy-to-use interface, with a clear layout that focuses on your queue.

Thanks to the batch conversion support, you can add as many files as you want to the program, either individually or as full folders. Furthermore, removing tracks from the queue can be done with the simple click of a button. Also, you can clear the entire list just as easily.

Conversion is done quickly, no matter what the file format of the original song is. The app allows you to fiddle with the output settings. You can use, for example, one of the two presets, by choosing either “CD quality WAV format” or “Best good quality WAV format”.

Advanced users can customize the output format, by altering the frequency levels (8,000 – 48,000 Hz), channel mode (mono or stereo) and bit per sample values (8 or 16 bps).

The app supports a few input file formats, such as MP3, WAV, OGG and WMA. However, these can only be converted to one file type, as mentioned in the app’s name: WAV.

All in all, Audio to WAV Converter is a nice program that can help you change the file format and quality of the tracks on your computer. The simple interface makes the software easy to figure out by users of all levels of experience.