A digital music collection is a bit like a garden; it’s beautiful and it brings you joy, but organizing it takes time and you need to trim it from time to time. Ok, maybe that was a forced comparison, but still, it’s important that you have the right tools to take proper care of your audio files.

Trimming is something that you’ll probably do often if you want to take it to the next level and start playing your music as a DJ. You may notice that not all songs will start on the first beat (a problem which may ruin your mix if not addressed properly); also if you record a mix, you may often need to cut it before you start sharing it. So, let’s take a look at a tool that could be helpful.

I should first add that, today, a simple Google search will offer you many free online solutions for cutting your MP3 files; you can simply upload a file and quickly cut parts from the beginning or the end. I should also add that Audio Trimmer isn’t too different from any of those web applications; so, why should you get it?

Well, its price is certainly nothing that will burn a hole in your pocket and you get a tool that you can access directly from your desktop, at any time. Also, Audio Trimmer doesn’t work only with MP3s, but the variety of file formats it can edit depends on the codecs that you have installed on your computer.

The interface is basic, offering you three markers which you can slide left and right in order to adjust a track’s length (with quite a bit of precision). It would have been very useful if a song’s waveform was displayed, because that would have given you a better idea about where you have to trim your track.

To cut things short, Audio Trimmer is nothing fancy, but it can be a useful tool if you’re not using any other advanced audio editors.