Audiobooks from Audible is an interesting and modern piece of software created for devices using Windows 8 as an operating system, whose main purpose is to help you continue to enjoy literature, even if you do not always have the time to sit down with a book and read.

The application features a clean and straightforward user interface, much like the majority of Metro apps, enabling even the least experienced individuals to handle it without too much effort.

The main window of Audiobooks from Audible allows you to log in with your account or browse through the collection of audiobooks, as well as listen to some of the available excerpts.

In order to play an audio rendering of a book, you first need to download it to your device, after which you can press the ‘Play’ button for it to begin. Nonetheless, you can pause or stop at any moment, as well as skip or return to previous chapters.

If you were not paying attention for a moment and missed a passage, you can go back thirty seconds, but you can also add bookmarks, even having the possibility of inputting a series of personal notes.

Each book features some ‘Details’ about it, such as the author, the narrator, the total length and a summary. You can also view the total number of chapters and the duration of each one, being able to play whichever you prefer.

Moreover, Audiobooks from Audible lets you pin a book to your Start screen, so you can begin listening to it again whenever you want, in just a few moments. When done, you can mark the audiobook as finished and you can even remove it from the device, if you wish to clear up space.

To conclude, Audiobooks from Audible is an appealing and effective program aimed at people who are always on the move but still want to be able to enjoy literature, as it offers you the possibility of carrying on with your regular work while listening to an audiobook at the same time.