Music is a key part of many peoples life, so much so that some people define themselves and their lifestyle based on their musical preferences. AudioCanvas for Windows 8 is an application that allows users to create colorful lines across a music sheet background that creates music, allowing users to draw images that can be translated into sound.

While in some aspects, using AudioCanvas for Windows 8 is reasonably intuitive, there are some buttons and options that are either not labelled properly or not immediately apparent. There is one button that seems to serve no function whatsoever and is arguably entirely redundant.

That being said, creating the actual music is simple enough, each color corresponds vaguely to a particular instrument and can be used to create different sounds. Expanding the music scale to create longer pieces of music and larger drawers is also an issue the that is not properly addressed and unnecessary awkward to do.

AudioCanvas for Windows 8 doesn't cost much, in fact most people probably have more money in their pockets as loose change. That being said, given that they are charging money for the application, a more polished interface and more robust features would be welcomed.

There are numerous paint tools that the application could include, that would make it possible to create more interesting and decorative images. Options like different brushes sizes, an eraser, a fill option and so on, would all make it possible to actually draw more than basic color drawings.

Unfortunately, AudioCanvas for Windows 8 is a bit basic in how it operates and for those with a genuine interest in creating a mix between drawing and music, they will be disappointed in how the program operates. Still, the application is amusing and children will definitely enjoy it, yet it feels like AudioCanvas for Windows 8 is not quite reaching its potential and could achieve far more.