AudioSlimmer is an easy to use application that enables you to convert audio files and re-compress them in order to obtain files suitable for playing on the radio or on audio CDs. You can easily turn MP3s to WAV files or to Audio 8 format.

The software supports input MP3 or WAV files, that it can convert to multiple formats, including Windows Media Audio 8. You can open a folder and let the software identify the supported files, then select which songs you wish to process.

You can select the automatic setting, which implies reconfiguring an MP3 file, converting it to Audio 8, and applying a different compression, which can result in reducing the input size by half. Alternatively, you can choose the conversion settings manually. The software offers several output file formats, that are suitable for playing on an audio CD, at the radio or through an audio modem.

As you select one of the input files for processing, the software can read its audio tag and display the data in a separate box, for informational purposes. Additionally, it can play the tune and enable you to trim its duration, by setting the start and end points. This setting can be applied to the file pending for processing.

The processed songs are displayed on the right, so you can play them and compare the results. Moreover, the software can estimate the output size, according to the input file and the conversion settings, then display two values. Additionally, you can edit the file name and tag or maintain the file name.

AudioSlimmer is a useful tool for audio conversion and compression that is capable of changing the file configuration, applying a new frequency and bit rate, trimming its duration or selecting a section of the audio stream. The software can also automatically rename the files, in order to avoid overwriting.