AudioSphere is a Volume/Treble/Balance/Bass controls application that will provide greater functionality and ease-of-use than the Windows Volume Control and its' beautiful interface is so compact that it can be left on the desktop for continuous, real-time control of all your computer's audio functions

In its' "maximized" form, AudioSphere's compact design occupies only a minimal amount of desktop real estate--and when minimized, it's only one click away. As you can see from the screenshot, AudioSphere not only incorporates all the most useful functions of the old Windows "Volume" utility, but also offers four one-click presets, convenient "bass-treble" and balance" adjustments, a channel inversion option (to reverse left-right stereo channels), one-click muting, one-click "normalization", and more…even a user-configurable analog clock!

Here are some key features of "AudioSphere":

■ The fastest access to all controls on one compact faceplate: volume, balance, bass, treble and mute. No more hassle with any additional dialogs and confusing controls

■ One click to normalize all the settings

■ All functions are accessible via the customizable system wide hotkeys

■ Customizable presets. One for games, second for MP3 listening, third for audio CD, or any other way you wish

■ Presets buttons on the system tray

■ Analog clock

■ Customizable colors, icons and other options to tune the program right up to your need