Modern computer devices, or at least laptops and all-in-one systems are fitted with recording devices. However, some tweaks need to be made if you want to capture internal audio. Just for this sole purpose, AudioSpy comes with the means to help you grab speaker sound from one, or more processes running on your PC.

It doesn’t take a lot of time before you can enjoy all the application has to offer, since the installer only keeps you busy for a little while. Once up and running, the main window is brought up, with a list of processes which emit sound enlisted, so you can analyze, and choose the one you want to use as source.

The visual design can feel a little rough around the edges, but is intuitive enough to allow beginners, and experienced individuals alike to quickly get the hang of things. Although you don’t get to actually see a volume slider next to each process like you do in the sound panel, the application only shows those items from which sound can be captured.

With little to no other configurations to be made, you can go ahead and start the recording process. This is done at the press of a button next to the process of interest, with the possibility to start multiple sessions at a time.

Files are automatically saved to a predefined location which you can change from the options menu. There, you can also pick the name generator rules. Sadly, the application is only capable of recording under a single audio format, namely WAV. Additionally, scheduled sessions can be configured to start along with specific processes.

Bottom line is that recording isn’t possible just through a microphone, and it’s highly possible you want or need to record speaker sound. AudioSpy is dedicated to this task,with a straightforward approach on the situation. It starts to record at the press of a button, with the possibility to schedule sessions for when specific processes start.