AudioWeb is a tiny tool that allows you to create an audio website on your computer and play MP3 files through your default browser. According to the developer, the tool is compatible with most browsers available on Android smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPads and desktop.

Before you launch the setup, the application specifies the type of .NET Core it needs to run and includes a link to the official Microsoft website where you can download it directly. If you already have it, then you can skip this step. In addition, the app warns you that it wants to reserve port 2284 for this sole purpose. You should bear in mind that you can change this port later on from the dedicated button located in the upper right corner.

Following the install, the app creates a shortcut in the Startup folder so that it launches the app when you log to your computer. The app requires you create at least one user, as with it you can login the server and start playing your favorite tracks. It is worth mentioning that the app does not maintain any more detailed information about users, as they are kept on the web page when the user is logged.

Works well with PodSilo, a tool that downloads podcast

According to the developer, the app was initially created to play audiobooks and podcasts, but can work just as well with other audio files. For the app to play books, it must be able to identify the files as actual audio books, so make sure you have the files arranged in a pattern that indicates their order. Consequently, the app could work good with PodSilo, a tiny tool that enables you automatically download and manage podcast from feeds.

All in all, AudioWeb provides an alternative to standard music players and enables you to enjoy your audiobooks, podcast and music directly in the browser.