Be it that you’re a passionate audiophile, music enthusiast, or you just take great pride in your audio experience, having the right tool for the job makes no exception for such purposes. There are countless audio players and managers out there, and their inherent complexity can make the choice even more challenging. AudirvДЃna Studio at offering users an elegant solution for managing and playing their audio content, through a comprehensive set of features that facilitate the playback of both local files and streamed content.

Having initialized AudirvДЃna Studio for the first time, we were impressed by its looks, which are shifted towards the more minimalist, subtle side of things. This, however, does not impact legibility at all and all tools and features are quite easy to identify and access.

We especially enjoyed the collapsible categories from the side-panel, which allow users easy toggling between local music files, streaming services, as well as between different views, for individual tracks, albums, or artists.

Although cumbersome at first, adding your first local music tracks is done via the settings menu, and we believed this to be quite unusual, especially considering that there aren’t any easier methods of adding data, such as drag-and-drop.

Onto the included library of radios or podcasts, these come prepared with an intuitive selector menu, for region, country, as well as genre, making the entire task of choosing a preferred radio station or podcast, a breeze.

Although it features an unusual way of importing local audio files, this audio player and music library manager manages to impress through its elegant design, accessible features, ease-of-use, and overall handling efficiency.