Aurora Malware Removal Tool is a small software application developed specifically for helping you scan your computer for Aurora malware and remove the infected files.

The Aurora malware is a target virus which exploits a zero-flaw in Internet Explorer. This infection makes it possible to spread malware on users’ computers and steal sensitive information. Several companies were subject to this particular exploit, including Google and Adobe. The malware is able to collect data about the current PC and send it to a remote server.

After a fast and simple installation process where you only need to press a few ‘Next’ buttons in order to complete the task, you are welcomed by a straightforward layout that has to offer only a few configuration options.

Aurora Malware Removal Tool offers you the possibility to start the scanning process with a single click. Plus, if you think it takes too much time, you can always stop the scanning mode.

Tests have shown that the tool needs extra time to scan your computer for Aurora exploits. However, the time needed to complete the task pretty much depends on the number of files stored on the disk and size of the items. It eats up from a moderate up to high amount of CPU and memory resources so the overall performance of the computer may be affected.

All things considered, Aurora Malware Removal Tool provides a simple software solution for detecting and removing Aurora infiltrations, and can be configured by less experienced users and professionals alike. You should know that the application does not act as an antivirus product and offer real-time protection against the latest threats, so you still need an antivirus program in order to block viruses. It is only capable of dealing with Aurora exploits and nothing more.