Aurora MPEG To DVD Burner is a powerful tool designed to create a DVD out of an MPEG file, providing a few other extra tools to help it serve its purpose.

With a built-in burner to burn your projects on the go, Aurora MPEG To DVD Burner boasts a rather user friendly interface that needs just a few minutes to figure out how to use it.

You can easily add new videos to be placed on the DVD using the dedicated “Add” button at the top of the main window. As you as you're done with file selection, you can proceed with the DVD menu creation that lets you adjust layout, background and text buttons.

The DVD menu automatically integrates all files to be placed on the DVD, along with a small thumbnail, and you can change the background image, the layout and create new text to personalize the project.

The burner boasts only minimal features, but it's still a good feature because it allows you to burn new projects on the fly.

If you're looking for settings, the separate screen designed for further customization has only limited features, which include the temporary directory for storing DVD files, but also dedicated options to convert/fix video files before authorizing, create video DVD menu or zoom destination DVD.

Aurora MPEG To DVD Burner works pretty fast, with a moderate amount of resources needed to complete the process. It works on all Windows versions without any problem.

All in all, Aurora MPEG To DVD Burner is a nice and fast way to create a new DVD and, as you can see, it's pretty easy to use, so it's addressed to both beginners and more advanced users.