Those who are in the habit of changing their wallpapers on a daily basis can attest to the fact that this activity can become somewhat annoying and boring after a while. Instead of manually having to change their computer’s wallpaper daily, users can instead rely on a software that does the job automatically. Just as its name states, Auto Change Wallpaper is a piece of software designed to enable users to change their computers’ wallpapers in a streamlined fashion.

Subsequent to a typical installation procedure, the app greets its users with its non-impressive, simple and functional GUI. Designed to be used by all categories of users out there, Auto Change Wallpaper has a minimal set of controls in its main window.

For example, users are provided with the option of searching for JPG files in any preferred location on their computers, as well as to set specific images as wallpapers. Therefore, getting to grips with the app’s functionality should not be a problem, as users simply have to load the images from the desired location, select which image they want to be set as the wallpaper, and input the Auto Change Interval from the bottom part of the main window.

Additionally, users can open any loaded image (using the OSes preferred image viewer), remove any selected image, as well as set up the app to automatically run at system startup. The same is possible from the File menu, where users can find the options for both opening any selected image and setting it as the wallpaper.

Taking everything into consideration, Auto Change Wallpapers is not a stylish application, however, what it lacks in the looks department it more than makes up for with sheer simplicity and user accessibility.