As you may find out by simply reading its name, Auto Clicker is an easy to use mouse clicker that's supposed to automatically click a user-defined location.

The first thing you shall notice about the program after launching it for the first time is the cluttered interface, which was developed to group all options in a single window.

A bit more intuitive once you get used to it, the design is based on a “one window does it all” approach, so professional users should need just a few seconds to figure out which feature is which.

Auto Clicker can be easily controlled with the help of a configured hotkey, which is meant to be used for both starting and stopping the automated clicking.

There are lots of settings to play with, including a delay between clicks and a number of clicks to be performed. What's more, you can enable the app to click only if the mouse isn't moving for a defined time, but also choose between left, right and middle click.

Picking the point to click is easy as pie because Auto Clicker offers two different options: you can either click wherever mouse cursor is present or just specify a fixed location. The latter feature can be further customized by manually inputting the coordinates or by picking a location from the screen.

Auto Clicker doesn't hamper system performance and works fine on all Windows versions.

All things considered, Auto Clicker is indeed a helpful program that can be safely installed by both beginners and professional users. The footprint on system performance is minimal, but further improvements are still needed when it comes to the GUI.