When it comes to testing certain games or software, you might come across procedures that might imply a lot of clicking to be done. Luckily, this can become an automated process using specialized applications such as Auto Clicker VS.

The application has two functions for you to use as you please. These are fitted into a small main window that doesn't take up much space on your desktop. Each part includes all the necessary fields so that the command is complete and know what to do, so that you don't have to open up anything else.

One function offered is the “Auto Clicker” with the help of which you are able to tell the program to press either of the two mouse buttons, and at what intervals of time. If you time it just right, you will just have to move your mouse, the application clicking anything for you.

The other function lets you record movement, which is automatically saved in a text file type. These can be imported into the program any time, but only to be used, editing being out of the question. The process itself is simple however, lacking hotkeys to begin the recording will make your cursor start its movement from the “Record” button every time. In addition, it will also be an impediment in case you want to make use of both of its functions at the same time.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Auto Clicker VS serves its purpose well, living up to what you would expect from an application of this type. Lacking the support for hotkeys makes it a little hard to use, also only one macro can be loaded at a time however, for simple tasks it will suffice.