Auto Pinger is a Windows software application whose purpose is to help you keep an eye on network connections using ping operations. The tool is able to automatically ping devices and send emails notifications in case they are not responding.

The GUI looks straightforward and implements only a few configuration settings. You may start, stop or pause the ping process, as well as view information about each monitored connection directly in the main window, namely details about the device name, last logged status, as well as the last action that it was taken.

The utility reveals the time until the next ping task and total number of devices. You may ping workstations, servers, printers or any device that can be pinged.

Auto Pinger allows you to add/edit network devices by providing information about the IP address, hostname or URL, and email address to send notifications when the device is down.

The application is also able to automatically scan network devices in order to make sure certain services are running. You may specify the services that you want to monitor and restart them in case they do not respond.

A few configuration ping settings are integrated for helping you automatically set the time in minutes when the tool automatically pings devices and checks if services are working properly.

All things considered, Auto Pinger comes with several handy features for helping you monitor network connections, and can be mastered by beginners and professionals alike. On the downside, it hasn’t been updated for a while so you may encounter compatibility issues on newer operating systems.