Auto Presser is an approachable Windows utility that can automatically keep a key pressed for a longer period of time, particularly handy when playing video games.

It integrates just a few features that can be easily figured out by users, whether they are experienced with such utilities or not.

The installation operation does not take long to complete, nor require special input from the user, since it includes only standard options. As far as the interface goes, Auto Presser opts for a small window with a plain and intuitive structure.

You can select the key to press by examining a drop-down list, use key modifiers (Alt, Ctrl, Shift), as well as to ask the tool to hold the key continuously, or specify a fixed time between two key press events instead. The application can start executing the specified commands with one click. Global hotkeys are defined for starting and stopping it.

The utility has minimal impact on computer performance, running on low CPU and memory. It did not hang, crash or pop up error messages in our tests. All in all, Auto Presser delivers a fast and easy solution to automatically keeping keys pressed, and it can be handled by anyone. However, it does not feature more advanced settings.