Auto Shutdown Trigger is a crafty piece of software that helps you schedule your computer to automatically shutdown when certain conditions are met. These can range from a certain time period, a program’s usage or a keyword’s appearance during computer runtime.

The application allows you to schedule your computer to reboot, shutdown or logoff at a certain period of time or when other parameters are fulfilled. These are related to the behavior of other programs. For instance, you can choose to set your computer to shutdown or restart after several days or hours, or after a specific application starts or exits.

Furthermore, you can can quickly choose how your programs are monitored. By entering either its name or PID, you can set Auto Shutdown Trigger to keep track of the behavior of a certain application, specifically when it starts or exits. when one of these conditions is met, your computer will shutdown or restart, depending on what you chose.

Auto Shutdown Trigger can schedule your computer to automatically shutdown based on a time schedule, a program’s usage or the occurrence of a certain word. Using keywords is ideal for when installing applications on your computer.

For instance, you can start installing a large program, then set the shutdown tool to restart your computer when a generic message, such as “The application was successfully installed on your computer” appears on the screen. As this occurs after the installation is complete, you can mind your business and leave the computer unattended, as the shutdown scheduler will take care of it.

To conclude, Auto Shutdown Trigger can easily help you schedule your computer to automatically shutdown after certain conditions have been fulfilled, such as passed time, keyword occurrence or applications’ runtime.