Various domains of activity require you to type repetitive text sequences, such as formal introductions, or email templates. This process can be time-consuming and not to mention annoying. Luckily, specialized applications like Auto Text Typer give you the possibility to create text templates and have them quickly inserted when needed, with the help of hotkeys.

The application runs in a compact window, with all available features quickly accessible. A decent list displays command lines you add, while an upper toolbar is home to main action buttons.

It can run on any configuration, using little system resources and roughly about 1 Mb of space on your hard disk drive. Adding a new entry takes only a matter of seconds, and hitting the “Start” button gets them ready.

When you are done configuring text templates and attributing activation hotkeys, the application can be minimized to the system tray so that it no longer takes up any space on your desktop. Don't forget to press “Start', because features don't function otherwise.

Selecting the custom combination of keys makes you feel slightly limited. Available options are displayed in drop-down menus, with the possibility to combine only two keys, one of which is either CTRL or ALT.

Furthermore, your text is only inserted in a row, even though the given text field lets you write down freely on multiple lines. This drastically reduces efficiency, as it cannot be used to paste large paragraphs.

Moreover, due to poor design, it can only paste given text in a limited number of applications, which you have to guess and hope you are lucky enough to use a compatible one.

To sum it up, Auto Text Typer tries to offer a helping hand with repetitive paragraph writing, but tends to get stuck along the way. The concept is good, but compatibility issues keep it from fully aiding you. Even though hotkeys are designed to be a strong point, they only offer limited possibilities, locking down buttons on your keyboard if not carefully managed and not warning you whether or not the given combination is already in use.