Every program wants to take full advantage of your screen and desktop space, and it can get difficult to work with multiple windows at a time. Sure enough, general management options are provided by Windows, but you can extend them with the help of specialized applications like Auto Window Manager.

One thing you need to know before rushing to take the application for a spin is that it’s core function isn’t to arrange windows in specific areas, but rather configure default actions to take when they are brought up. On the other hand, it comes with a built-in feature to handle size specifications as well.

The visual design is pretty neat, with a custom-made interface that clearly blends everything together. There’s a list of all the windows currently opened, along with corresponding details, the upper toolbar for general functions, and a different tab for existing rules.

Auto Window Manager doesn’t need the target window to be active. Handling a window is done by selecting it from a list, and picking an action, with the possibility to view properties, minimize to tray, stay on top, set transparency level, align, or bring up the rule configuration panel.

Adding a new rule is pretty easy, and takes only a little while. If you target a window from a list, then class name and caption fields are automatically filled in with the right data, and you only need to specify the next time the window opens to either start maximized, minimized, to tray, or as it normally would.

Another set of options is the Z order, which dictates how windows stack on top of each other. This lets you set a window to be on top of everything else. In addition, Internet Explorer benefits from a custom set of settings, with the possibility to refresh a tab automatically.

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Auto Window Manager is a practical utility to set window behavior and save you some time when starting your daily activities. It lets you create custom layouts, with different tweaks like transparency or position. If it tickles your fancy, there’s also Portable Auto Window Manager you can carry around.