Autodesk Mudbox aims to meet the requirements of any professional designer and 3D artist, providing a robust model sculpting and digital artwork rendering application. With a bit of creativity from your part and its extended feature set, you can build impressive 3D models that can be used in animations, movies and games.

Its power resides in Autodesk's industry-standard rendering engine, enabling designers to generate realistic digital paintings and model representations that can be included in complex projects, without worrying about polygon modeling.

Thanks to the user-friendly working environment and the comprehensive sculpting tool sets, you can use Autodesk Mudbox to create 3D characters and accurate models in an intuitive manner. From sculpting and painting tools to object manipulation options, they are all within reach from the main window.

The array of sculping tools offers you the possibility to paint directly onto a 3D model, smoothen or flatten surfaces and add high-quality details with a significant impact on the final design. You can use tiling panes to automatically repeat designs and take advantage of Mudbox's capabilities to generate normal and displacement maps and perform retopology operations, which prepares the model for use in animations.

Autodesk Mudbox enables you to work with multiple 3D layers, comprising options for duplicating, merging, grouping or reordering them. It bundles a versatile collection of tools for moving, rotating, zooming and scaling the model, allowing perspective change so that you can pay attention to every detail.

Rising up to its developer's name, Autodesk Mudbox bundles professional tools that allow advanced mesh editing and texture painting. It is capable of handling complex 3D models and scenes and comes with all the tools you need in order to generate compelling and lifelike designs, whether you are an experienced 3D artist or a beginner designer.